The eNotated Classics Catalog

Lewis Carroll
Alice in Wonderland; Through the Looking Glass; Hunting of the Snark: eNotated by Pam Sowers

Willa Cather
My Antonia: eNotated by Barbara Bedell

Kate Chopin
The Awakening: eNotated by Gayle Birrell

Richard Henry Dana
Two Years Before the Mast: eNotated by Chris Thomerson

Arthur Conan Doyle
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: eNotated by Gayle Birrell

The Book of Genesis: eNotated by Maura O'Neill

Thomas Hardy
Tess of the d'Uberville's; Far from the Madding Crowd: eNotated by Howard Barbour

David Hume
An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding: eNotated by Francisco Fernflores

Franz Kafka
The Metamorphosis; In the Penal Colony; A Country Doctor; A Hunger Artist: eNotated by Jens Kruse

Pierre Loti
Madam Plume's Third Youth: eNotated by Catherine Miskow

Thomas Mann
Death in Venice: eNotated by Thomas S. Hansen

Joshua Slocum
Sailing Alone Around the World; Voyage of the Liberdade; Voyage of the Destroyer: eNotated by Chris Thomerson

Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Idylls of the King: eNotated by Barbara Bedell