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NEW: The Awakening, The Hunting of the Snark

Two new books from eNotated Classics:

The eNotated The Awakening

By Kate Chopin, eNotated by Gayle Birrell

"The Awakening," published in 1899, stands in American literature as one of the earliest novels to embrace a female character with authenticity and grace. Set in New Orleans and Acadiana (French Louisiana region) with richly lyrical prose, author Kate Chopin weaves a provocative narrative infused with the people, geography, culture, and social attitudes of an era and place that is unique in the American landscape. Over the last century, the book has enjoyed a vast readership and has become a classic of study in educational systems, as well as a subject of wide-ranging criticism.


The eNotated Hunting of the Snark

 by Lewis Carroll, eNotated by Pam Sowers

eNotator, Pam Sowers notes in her introduction that Snark is "a poem that 'describes with infinite humour the impossible journey of an improbable crew to find an inconceivable creature,'" a kind of "'Odyssey of the Nonsensical'" that "unlike the 'Alice' books, is not intended only for children", adding that "through the decades, 'the poem has continued to attract a small cult following of adult readers.'"
Comparing Snark to "Through the Looking Glass," Sowers say "Much of the poem shares words and ideas that first were used in the poem 'Jabberwocky' in 'Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.'" but with "'less exuberance and wordplay and more adult fear and anxiety throughout' Despite having the overall theme of a quest, as 'Jabberwocky,' did, in 'Snark' there is 'none of the triumphant joy of the earlier ballad, since the hunt ends this time in failure,' as eventually adults must acknowledge that all lives end in death. Carroll was reminded of this physical fact daily; despite his faith, he was facing the unknown of this final transition, and wrote it out metaphorically in this poem. The author tried to face this with his former exuberance, but knew he was dancing against the coming darkness."

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