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NEW: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

New book from eNotated Classics:

The eNotated The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, eNotated by Gayle Birrell

"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes," first published in the "Strand" in 1891-92, experienced a massive readership at the time. Popularity has yet to fade. We’ll always take more Sherlock. The book has become a classic of study not only by its fervent fans but by scholars, educators, scientists, writers, and dramatists for well over a century. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s portrayal of this beloved detective stands in English literature as arguably the most vivid in the history of the crime story. 

"The eNotated The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" appeals to audiences of multiple backgrounds. For instance: 

•    The Sherlock Holmes devotee who never wearies of a fresh spin on the canon.
•    Students and teachers using Common Core principles who seek more geographical and historical context and more vigorous experience of the characters’ likes and dislikes.
•    The inquisitive reader of historic fiction who wishes to gain deeper insight into the Victorian culture.
•    The feminist searching in classic literature for ways female characters outsmarted the male-dominated establishment.
•    An active working mother, in the precious time she has to read, who can escape to a different place and time and learn something new in each short story.
•    The curious cook who delights in trying new cuisines such as the dishes Conan Doyle’s characters enjoy.
•    A young adult who finds allure in Sherlock Holmes’s bohemian lifestyle and wants to better understand the context of the character’s behavior.
•    The commuter who resolves to read more classics, loads his tablet for the bus ride to work, and wants to make his own wider connections about the story, perhaps as a jumping-off point for further research.
•    The culture hound looking for perspective between the literary, musical, and artistic realms.
•    The logic seeker probing for a dramatic archetype of deductive reasoning.
•    The avid reader of mysteries who craves a skillfully crafted story with intriguing characters.

Whether you read "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" years ago or are coming to these stories for the first time, this eNotated edition will enrich your experience through its insightful notations, background material, and many paintings, photographs, and maps not found in other editions.

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